EDM Killed Romance at Kitcheners

The lovers have lost their way.Long gone are the days of love letters, mix-tapes and anticipation.Now all we got left is this digital dilemma. Big drops, cheap thrills and disposable downloads. Who stole the soul?

The romance is dead, bring back the groove. 
Let the dancer and DJ meet again, 
No more requests please, 
This is the underground.

The moment draws close,
For lovers to re-unite,
on a quiet night in June. 
Give in to the groove, let it lead you to the dance-floor,
Where house lives again

In a dusty little corner in Braamfontein.
Long Live Lord Kitchener.
God is good, all the time.

"What is love, without romance."

Featured Guests:
Nuno Estevez

Reezo Hassan 
Mig Madiq

Motěf initiative.

Dancing starts 7PM