Where2Party was formed for all you party animals as a gig guide to help you find out where all the sickest parties and events are being held in and around your city!

We strive to give you only the best Events and Gigs around.

Are you keen to get your event/gig up on our website or posted on twitter? Then why not email us at mark@where2party.co.za for all your advertising and promoting requests.


-What can you can do for me??

Ican currently promote/advertise your events on both my websitewww.where2party.co.za& my twitter page (@Where2PartyJhb) which is currently at +-7900 followers boasting the likes of Dj Fresh and Roger Goode, etc. They also follow me in return and in most cases they RT.

-How many people will get to know about my events and venue??

Ican'tgive you an accurate number on how many people will know about your event or venue but whatIcan tell you isIdo get quite a lot of traffic on my website not to forget an abundance of mentions. ASIsaid Ihave +- 7900 followers (Quantitative and industry related) on twitter and it is growing daily.

-Where will you advertise and for how long and the cost?

I will advertise on both my website & Twitter.

The duration of advertising is totally up to you. You can decide on how many times you want to get your event out there.

With regards to the cost it depends on what it is you looking for, ie. twitter & website or just one of them. If you could tell me how many times you would like an event promoted and what your budget is, we can work on a tailor-made package that best suites both of us as well as see what will best suit the needs of the event and what you are looking to achieve – brand awareness, sales or just a CTA.

-In which area's will you be mainly focussed?

My area of expertise have no boundaries since Ipromote eventsfrom different walks of life in and around Johannesburg. At the end of the day ifIfeel your event hassustenanceand potential torev up the masses,Iam happy to bring your event to them. My focus is enjoyment and Ilook forward to providing this to them.